Welcome to COMPREHENSIVE and PROJECT-BASED training in Atlas.ti

Over the last 15 years we have trained several thousand researchers in Atlas.ti. We specialize in going beyond the basics to ensure that the program is used powerfully and appropriately in every project.

ON-LINE PROJECT-BASED TRAINING We offer online project-based training and coaching in order to efficiently learn what is needed to accomplish a particular project. Project-based training is through web conference, telephone and email.

PROJECT CONSULTING We also consult to projects in a variety of capacities, including project management, conducting qualitative data analysis, and providing qualitative research consulting.

COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING We offer comprehensive workshops either onsite at your location, or at regularly scheduled workshops in Santa Barbara. Comprehensive training covers the full range of Atlas.ti’s features and capabilities for a variety of types of project and in both individual and team contexts.

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I just wanted to say again how much I learned at your seminar last weekend. Spending two days with you helped me to make a quantum leap in my use of Atlas. I now use it more efficiently (fewer mistakes and frustrations) and more effectively (better output). I was also incredibly impressed with how you handled the heterogeneity in our group—we had researchers from all sorts of disciplines, and people with very different levels of experience with Atlas. Thanks to your deep understanding of how Atlas works, plus your broad experience with a variety of Atlas-related research problems, you were able to address everyone’s needs and questions in a way that kept everything interesting and engaging for the entire two days. I feel very lucky to have been influenced by your perspective on using Atlas.

Kent Grayson, Associate Professor
Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

I found Nick's two-day workshop to be the best computer-based learning experience I have had in thirty years of University teaching. I am secretly wishing I could redo my earlier studies with ATLAS.ti. Thank you, Nick!

J.L.K. Latshaw, Ph.D., Head, Department of Curriculum Studies, College of Education, University of Saskatchewan

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